About This Project



Project: Our client approached us with an exciting hospitality renovation project. At Limestone Artisan, we understand the challenges of working within an existing commercial structure. So in order to deliver that ‘WOW’ factor to elevate the restaurant interior, our team designed and installed a custom piece of art for the countertop, accompanied by two Venetian plaster walls with a high polished stone finish. 


Location: Glen Waverley


When we installed the countertop, the art was beautiful, moody and atmospheric however it made the interior extremely dark. Commercial spaces are often bound by tight restrictions; this structure could not be altered to let in natural light because it was located within a shopping centre complex. 


We suggested to the client that we introduce two feature walls of highly polished Venetian plaster. When polished to a high sheen, Venetian plaster is excellent at reflecting light and can help brighten up the space and emphasise the business interior. 


Outcome: Both the client and the shopping centre representative were very impressed with the product choice and the significant difference it made to the lightness and brightness of the hospitality space. The interior of the space was utterly transformed and elevated using natural materials and old world techniques within a contemporary setting.