Installation Process


We believe all clients are looking for a team who understand their vision and are able to work effectively with them to turn their vision into a reality. 


Limestone Artisan provides superior craftsmanship by leveraging a decade of industry knowledge, an interior design background and certification in Venetian plaster application.


Our team of professionals actively cultivate an honest, collaborative and supportive client experience.


We provide ourselves on being design-led, multi-lingual and highly communicative throughout the duration of the project. 


One of the bespoke services Limestone Artisan offers its clients is a 3D-rendered return brief to bring a client’s vision to life and showcase the surface and texture. 


This gives the client confidence that the Limestone Artisan team has understood their initial brief and individual needs.


 This additional step is crucial to the success of the project, by minimising mistakes and establishing trust between client and plaster applicator.


Step 1: Clients approach us and share their vision; we organise a site visit and subsequently provide them with a quotation. 


Step 2: Once the quote is signed off, we create a custom sample board for the client so they are able to tangibly inspect the texture, feel and look of the chosen product and design. This will give the client confidence with the application of Venetian plaster. 


Step 3: Once the sample board is approved, the client is supplied with a 3D drawing which gives a clear visual of the design and how the final product will look. This crucial step also helps reduce the chance of any miscommunication.  


Step 4: Once the design has been signed off, our team discusses how we can execute the project with time schedules and availability on site. This may involve liaising with the builder, pm or client themselves. 


Step 5: Once an allocated time is approved for LA, we invest all our energy and time into making sure the project is finished to the satisfaction of the client and DOT LINE FORM. Customer satisfaction is a priority.