What are the benefits of Venetian plaster?

At Limestone Artisan, we predominantly use lime-based products.


Limestone is an organic  material that is breathable, flexible, durable and versatile.


It is a great conductor of heat and stable and durable over time.


Limestone is also waterproof and antibacterial; it allows moisture to pass through it unlike cement-based products.


Visit our ‘what is VP?’ page to read about all the great benefits of Venetian plaster for your project.

Why would you choose Venetian plaster over standard plaster?

Venetian plaster is superior to common render due to the endless array of benefits.

It is also incredibly versatile; a Limestone Artisan customer can choose from 336 different colours and a fantastic range of different plaster products with endless trowel styles.

There are five main plaster products we use, which are all limestone based mixed with various materials to give each wall its unique style.

Istinto contains marble powders of various sizes and natural minerals. It is velvety to touch, has a dramatic stone look and is great at giving natural stone its rough texture.

A smooth, soft wall naturally stained. Muro Natural is perfect for sandstone finishes, and contains Mica flakes which reflect light. Sometimes, Mica flakes are coloured and turn out like terrazzo.

Stuhhi is the glossiest of the Venetian Plaster products. It is perfect for giving walls a glossy and mirror reflection effect. We recommend using one color per use or the same colour with up to two shades.

Compared to Stuhhi, Spirito Libero is less glossy and has a more satin finish. It is a fine grained lime plaster with a smooth matt finish, producing a smooth and elegant finish. Spirito Libero is good for mixing colours and creating unique stone patterns but not textures.

  • Microcement I-stone

This is the perfect product for sustainable architecture. It is environmentally friendly because it is VOC free, permeable to vapour and moisture resistant. Once sealed with I-STONE sealer, the plaster becomes totally waterproof, and is ideal for bathrooms, splashback and wet areas.

How much does Venetian plaster cost?

Standard (excluding wet areas) Venetian plaster can cost from $120 + GST per square to $250 + GST per square, depending on what type of product, style and colourway you desire.


Exclusive (wet areas) can cost from $1000 per square meter.

Why is Venetian plaster more expensive than standard plaster?

It’s simple, Venetian plaster is a piece of art.


You are paying both for an art piece and the sourcing of natural limestone and marble dust, not just a common rendered wall. 

Can Venetian plaster be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes it can!


Venetian plaster is a versatile finish that can be used indoor, outdoors and in wet areas such as showers, kitchens and powder rooms.


By using the water resistant and durable sealers, Venetian plaster prevents dirt from building up and makes the surface washable and weatherproof.

How do you clean Venetian plaster?

At Limestone Artisan, all our work is covered by a protective material such as sealer, wax or paint.


All the products we use prevent the chance of stains, oils, marks, you name it!


If the plaster gets dirty, you can simply wipe it straight off.


The protective materials guarantee breathability and an ability to absorb and release any form of humidity effortlessly.


When absorption capacities need to be lowered (on surfaces in high traffic areas, shower enclosures, kitchenettes etc.) we use a wax sealant.


This increases its washability and resistance to wear further. 

Can Venetian plaster be used in wet areas?

Yes, the use of our protective sealer and wax help with humidity, water resistance and resistance to wear and tear. 

What Venetian plaster colours can I choose?

At Limestone Artisan, we have an extensive range of over 300 colours and styles to choose from!


Speak to us today about selecting the perfect colour for your project and viewing our product range. 

Can I apply my own Venetian plaster to my property?

Unfortunately not.


Having trained personnel apply Venetian plaster to your property is highly recommended.


The application of Venetian plaster is a learned art form, requiring special knowledge and skills about the product and the steps in which to apply it.


In order to receive the limestone products we use, you must be both trained and certified in the art form. 

Why is it good to incorporate an interior designer into my plastering renovation?

An Interior Designer will have a trained eye for texture, colour and design on any surface within your home or commercial property.


You may know your way around wallpaper and Bunnings paint but Venetian plaster is the new kid in Melbourne.


Good designers will know how to enhance your living and working environment and create a richer interior experience.


Interior designers will be able to change the way you live.