About Us


Limestone Artisan is a Melbourne-based plasterer and interior decorator, specialising in Venetian Plaster. We create richer interior and exterior experiences by transforming surfaces into elegantly handcrafted works of art. Known for our creativity, high-end finishes and signature plaster technique, our team sets itself apart from the competition with both interior design and building/construction capabilities.

Our diverse portfolio of work spans upmarket residential, retail, hospitality and corporate projects. We pride ourselves on being design-led and customer-driven, with a flair for the creative and a commitment to artistic excellence. Our attention to detail and passion for our craft ensures that the highest quality craftsmanship is achieved time after time.


If you are looking to elevate your interior space with more than paint, our expert team is ready to combine old-world techniques with contemporary design to suit any decorative style and ensure unmatched client satisfaction. Each bespoke finish is tailored to suit each of our clients. 


Limestone Artisan’s team of professionals can handle any project from residential to large-scale commercial. Our range of services transform any surface into a bespoke piece of art. Working across walls, ceilings, floors and furniture, we specialise in:

  • Venetian plaster
  • Decorative painting 
  • Interior design and decorative consulting 


  • Qualified: We are a team of Certified Applicators
  • Design-led: Our team of craftsmen also have interior design backgrounds
  • Artistic Expression: Our team lives and breathes creativity and the art of painting
  • Multilingual: Our team is proficient in both Chinese and English